Lowestoft – inner harbour

On Date :-  99-99-2014
We intend to sail to Lowestoft:-

  • Leave berth at 99:99
  • Sail to Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club for one night
  • Wait for a bridge opening to motor round to ABP School Road
  • Evening meal in the Third Crossing restaurant
  • Spend the next day walking Oulton Broad etc
  • Leave at first bridge opening after 99:99
  • Sail home










Lowestoft_rnsyc_plan Lowestoft_haven_plan


Note :  Lowestoft Harbour Control on VHF Channel 14

4 The Lowestoft Harbour Bridge (between the Outer and Inner Harbours) will only be opened on demand for commercial shipping.
4a Commercial shipping is discouraged from passage: 0815-0900 hours, 1230-1300 hours and 1700-1730 hours.
4b Small craft and yachts may use a bridge opening for commercial shipping provided that prior arrangement has been made with Lowestoft Harbour Control – VHF Channel 14, telephones 572286 or personal visit.
4c In addition to 4b and subject to prior notification of at least 20 minutes, small craft and yachts maybe given a bridge opening at the following times:
Mon-Fri:0300, 0500, 0700, 0945, 1115, 1430, 1600, 1900, 2100, 2400.
Sat, Sun, Bank Hol: 0300, 0500, 0700, 0945, 1115, 1430, 1600, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2400.


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